Most productive time

Setting your most productive time helps you to work when you are at your most effective. We all work best at different times, but sometimes feel like we shouldn't work later into the night or too early in the day. However, if that is when you work best, give yourself a hand and plan your time so that you are working when you most feel like it.

To set your most productive time

  1. Tap on the Account icon in the mobile app or click ‘Account’ in the web app
  2. Click or tap ‘Most productive time’
  3. Click or tap ‘+ Add’
  4. Select a start and end time using the clock - this can be for as long as you want
  5. Click or tap 'Confirm New Time'
  6. If you'd like to add more time slots, repeat steps 3 and 4
  7.  To exit the screen in the mobile app, tap on the back arrow - your times will be automatically saved
  8. Now when you use the Booost your day feature you will see when you work best and can schedule your time into

To remove a most productive time

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 as above
  2. You will then see your most productive times listed
  3. To remove one, click on the cross next to entry you wish to delete
  4. Click or tap 'Confirm Delete Time'
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