Booost: Import a calendar

Booost enables you to import external calendars, such as your university or college timetable, personal calendar, or work calendar. This means that you can see all your events in one place.

Your Booost calendar will sync with external calendars; if events are updated there, Booost will reflect those changes. 

Currently, this process will only work if your college or university allows your timetable to be publicly shared. If it is only available within your college or university’s timetable system or app, it cannot be accessed through Booost.

How to locate the public links for calendars you wish to import will vary between colleges and universities. Some universities will have information on their website on how to connect your timetable to your calendar, and we have specific instructions on different calendar services below.

How to import a calendar

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. When you have the public link for your calendar in an .ics format, choose import calendar.

  2. Paste your link into the URL bar and click next.
  3. Name your calendar, choose if it is an academic or personal calendar to get the correct event suggestions, and click ‘connect calendar’.
  4. Your calendar has now been connected!

To add additional calendars, go to Account, choose Connected calendars, click “Connect another calendar, " and follow the steps above. From Connected calendars you can also manage, add, and disconnect or delete your calendars.

Video tutorial:

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