Booost: Import a calendar

Booost enables you to import an external calendar, such as a university or college timetable. This means that you can see all your events in one place.

We are working on making this feature much more comprehensive, but currently there are the following limitations:

  1. This process will only work if your college or university allows your timetable to be publicly shared - if it is only available within your college or university's timetable system or app, it cannot be accessed from Booost.
  2. This is a one-off process - once the timetable has been imported it will create events in the Booost calendar, but these are not updated if there are any changes to the original timetable calendar.
  3. You can only import one external calendar - importing a second calendar will replace any events that were previously imported. However, this does mean that if a timetable is updated, the new events can be added to Booost without also having the old, out-of-date events still there.

How to import a calendar

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Locate the public link for the calendar that you wish to import - this will vary between college and universities, and not all will provide this but look on the college or university website for information related to how to connect your timetable to your calendar
  2. If your college or university provides information about how to connect your timetable to an Outlook, Google or iCloud calendar, you can connect to whichever of those services you use or have, and then link Booost to that calendar
  3. Follow the information from your college or university to connect to your chosen calendar service, then go to the import timetable screen in Booost (tap on the Calendar icon and click the '+' button (mobile app) or '+ Add event' (web app) then tap or click 'Import timetable'
  4. Scroll down to find the instructions for your chosen calendar service (i.e iCloud, Google or Outlook)

Video tutorial:

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