Scheduling options

Once you have created your flashcards, you will want to use them to test how much you know, and Luna gives you some different ways of doing this to choose from. This is selected in the Collection settings screen:

Select a scheduling option for each collection in the collection settings

For all of these different options, at the end of each review, Luna will show you how many cards you gave the one, two and three star confidence ratings to so that you can see how you did. You will also have the option to go back and review all cards that you scored with one star to help your learning.

For any collection, you also always have the option to review all cards at any time, regardless of the schedule settings chosen.

No schedule

This option allows you to just start a review whenever you like - there is nothing scheduled, you just jump in when you want to.

Smart schedules

Luna suggests when you should review each individual card based on a number of factors:

  • each card’s confidence rating
  • how long it has been since the card was last reviewed
  • any start or target dates added for the collection
  • how confident you are at learning new information

Initially all cards are reviewed together and then Luna calculates when to review each card. Cards that you scored a lower confidence for will be reviewed sooner than those that you scored a higher confidence for. Luna continues to calculate the next review date for each card after each review, giving you a personalised schedule that ensures you spend most time reviewing cards that you are less confident with.

Custom schedules

Fixed interval schedule

This allow you to set your preferred schedule from the options, add your end date and Luna will create a review schedule for you. You can set reviews for every day, every other day, or specific day(s) of the week.

Increasing intervals schedule

Alternatively, you can select the increasing intervals option, which increases the time between each review. For example, you’d start with a review on day 1, then do the next review on day 2, then day 4, then day 8, then day 16 and so on until you get to your end date. Why? This allows you to use spaced repetition to help your revision - this is the theory that you remember information better if you increase the intervals between testing yourself.

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