How to get your Outlook calendar URL

Due to the way Outlook calendar works, at this time you can only get calendar links from laptop or desktop computers. As such, it might be easier to import your timetable using a desktop or laptop computer.

  1. Sign in to your account at

  2. In the top toolbar, click on the cog (settings) icon

  3. In the right hand sidebar, click ‘View all Outlook settings’ at the bottom

  4. On the left, select ‘Calendar’ and then ‘Shared calendars’

  5. Under the ‘Publish a calendar’ section, select your timetable calendar from the dropdown menu

  6. In the ‘Select permissions’ dropdown menu, choose ‘Can view all details’ and click ‘Publish’

  7. Outlook now shows two links for the calendar - copy the ‘ICS’ link (click on it and select ‘Copy link’)

  8. In the Booost app, paste the copied link into the ‘Calendar URL’ field and tap ‘Import timetable’

  9. Your calendar events will now be imported into Booost

  10. You can ‘Unpublish’ the calendar in Outlook now

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